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Flow Cytometry ServicesPre-Clinical Flow Cytometry Services

Flow Cytometry is a technology that is used in all aspects of pre-clinical development ranging from target selection and validation, to mechanism of action identification. Using cells in suspension, either from cell lines or from peripheral blood, we will quantitate the response on a per-cell basis. This is especially valuable in a setting where there are multiple phenotypes in the cell suspension and the biological response is different in each subset. This is possible with cells from multiple species including, but not limited to, human, non-human primates, rodents, and canine.

The possible applications for pre-clinical development include:

  • Understanding the mechanism of action of compounds.
  • Understanding the response of cells to external stimuli (Virus, drug, and other entities).
  • Developing potential biomarkers for diagnostic use to support diagnosis of specific disease conditions or personalized medicine options.
  • Identification of ways to separate patients within a heterogeneous disease such as cancer into different categories so that treatment can be personalized leading to improved response rates.

FlowMetric routinely performs pre-clinical assays using flow cytometry to answer the above questions.

Some examples are:

  • Cell cycle analysis – Identification of cellular division stages.
  • Cell proliferation – Identification and enumeration of cellular proliferation levels.
  • Cell viability – Identification and numeration of dead (necrotic) and dying (apoptotic) cells.
  • Cell phenotyping – Identification and enumeration of different types of cells in heterogeneous mixture.
  • Cell signaling – Identification and enumeration of messaging within and between cell.
  • Intracellular Cytokine Secretion (ICS) – Identification and enumeration of cells that are secreting factors (cytokines)

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