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fluorescence activated cell sorting

Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting

Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) is routinely used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to isolate cells. Typically, the cells in suspension are “tagged” with fluorescent antibodies. This tag allows for pertinent cells to be identified and isolated into a liquid medium for further analysis.

The biological applications for cell sorting include:

Protein Engineering & Development

  • Screening of peptide libraries for binding
  • Selecting antibody mutants
  • Screening for enzymatic activity
  • Screening for over-producing cells

Cell Engineering

Disease Identification/Characterization

  • Isolating cells to characterize them based on multiple modalities
    • Nucleic acid
    • Protein expression
    • Cellular function

With cell sorting At FlowMetric, we guide partners to achieve their biological goals, whether it is isolation of rare or abundant eukaryotic cell types.

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