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Cell Line Characterization by FACS™ and Cell-Marker Expression Analysis

Flow Cytometry can be used to provide a quick and quantitative determination of cell line characteristics and expression analysis of specific markers.  When growing a new cell line it is important to verify the expression of your marker of interest, the purity of that population in the cell line, as well as understanding the stability of that marker over time.

Cell line characterization is also completed to evaluate high/med/low expressers and sort out high expressers using FACS™ for clonal expansion.  Cell-marker expression analysis can be completed on cell lines to ensure the phenotype you desire is present stably over multiple passages.

FlowMetric has a full cell culture suite BSL-2 laboratory available for cell line thawing and preparation, expansion of clones and growth of cell cultures for downstream experimentation using our flow cytometry expertise or cell sorting techniques.


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