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Agri-Food Services

Agri-Food Services

Flow cytometry is a powerful technology with a wide variety of applications in Agri-Food sector including:

Analysis of Ploidy Level

  • Check of ploidy level of starting material for tissue culture.
  • Check for purity of seed.
  • Screen for haploids and diploids from anther, microspore and ovary cultures.
  • Screen for diploids after genetic transformation.
  • Screen for triploids, e.g. production of hybrid seed.
  • Screen for tetraploids, e.g. spontaneously caused by endomitosis or artificially caused by chemical treatment or after radiation treatment.

Analysis of Endopolyploidy

  • Detection of chimaeras after artificial polyploidisation.
  • Analysis of endopolyploidy in plants or plant parts.

Cell Cycle Analysis or the measure of polyploidy

  • Determination of percentages of cells in different stages of cell cycle (G1, S, G2/M phase of the mitosis).
  • Determination of the percentage of cells in the different ploidy levels of polyploid plants.

Determination of small differences in DNA amount

  • For aneuploids.
  • For interspecific hybrids (only if the difference of the nuclear DNA amount between the parents can be measured).
  • Search for polyploidy as a result of apomixes.

Determination of Nuclear Genome Size

Detection of differences between genotypes.

Specific detection of pathogenic strains

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