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Flow Cytometry Scientific Posters

AACR 2016

We recently presented a scientific poster at AACR 2016 in New Orleans. This study highlights the value of flow cytometry as a single platform for evaluating primary mechanisms of action, such as ADCP, ADCC, CDC, Apoptosis and Trogocytosis, of therapeutic antibodies during drug discovery.

Download The Scientific Poster From AACR 2016

AACR 2016

ToxExpo 2016

We recently attended SOT2016 in New Orleans and had the opportunity to share some of our recent in-house data surrounding CD4+ Immune Cell Subsets in both Cynomolgus Macaque and Human samples. In this poster, we examine the differences in various cell populations between the two species. We highlight significant differences in Regulatory T Cells, CD4+ Central Memory T Cells as well as CD4+ Effector Memory T Cells.

Download The Scientific Poster From ToxExpo 2016

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