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Host Genetic Factors and Dendritic Cell Responses Associated with the Outcome of Interferon/Ribavirin Treatment in HIV-1/HCV Co-Infected Individuals

Authored By: Mohit Sehgal, Marija Zeremski, Andrew H. Talal, Zafar K. Khan, Renold Capocasale, Ramila Philip, and Pooja Jain

Remodeling somatic nuclei via exogenous expression of protamine 1 to create spermatid-like structures for somatic nuclear transfer

Authored By: Marta Czernik, Domenico Iuso, Paola Toschi, Saadi Khochbin & Pasqualino Loi

Discovering Molecules That Regulate Efferocytosis Using Primary Human Macrophages and High Content Imaging

Authored By: Sandra Santulli-Marotto, Alexis Gervais, Jamie Fisher, Brandy Strake, Carol Anne Ogden, Chelsea Riveley, Jill Giles-Komar