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Cell Degranulation Assays

NK Cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes that play a key role in the defense against viral infections and cancer. Activated NK cells show cell-mediated cytotoxicity by secreting lytic granules or by cell degranulation, these granules contain effector molecules such as Granzyme B or Perforin. Cell Degranulation Assays evaluate the cytotoxic function of NK cells, which are important when testing therapeutic candidates for treatment of viral infections and intervention for cancer remission. Moreover, CD8 T cells with CD107 (LAMP-1) molecules, and other cells like eosinophils have degranulation activities that can be assessed with Cell Degranulation Assays. With flow cytometry, we can use a combination of markers to identify the cell populations with degranulation activity at a single cell level. Our flow cytometry Cell Degranulation Assays can be used to monitor the effect of therapeutic candidates and for assessing clinical conditions such as the diagnosis of immunodeficiency syndromes.

At FlowMetric, we have the high dimensional flow cytometry instrumentation to perform Cell Degranulation Assays that will accurately assess the function of cells with cytotoxic characteristics.


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