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FlowMetric Inc., Forms New Affiliate Company, FlowMetric Diagnostics Inc. to Develop Advanced Diagnostics from Flow Cytometry Platform

Doylestown, PA - Setember 18th, 2014 -- FlowMetric Inc., a leader in flow cytometry and cell sorting services, announced today the formation of its new affiliate company FlowMetric Diagnostics Inc. for the express purpose of developing advanced companion diagnostics from its flow cytometry platform for use in the global health market. 

Flow Cytometry currently has broad applications in R&D as well as drug- design.  The sensitivity and analytical capabilities of the modern Flow Cytometry systems combined with FlowMetric Diagnostics Inc. proprietary methods will play a central role in its development of novel and innovative diagnostics.

“This new affiliate company,” says Ren Capocasale, FlowMetric CEO,” represents the natural progression of the FlowMetric Inc. business into the clinical marketplace and recognizes the need for additional diagnostics.”

FlowMetric Diagnostics leadership will include Amy Williams as President and Julie Bick, Ph.D. as Chief Scientific Officer.  Ren Capocasale will operate as Chairman of the Board.

“The development of new companion diagnostics through flow cytometry can help to advance personalized medicine and better meet the needs of physicians, healthcare workers and patients.” said Williams.

FlowMetric Diagnostics Inc. plans to establish a state-of-the-art FDA-compliant clinical Flow Cytometry laboratory in which to perform CLIA- certified diagnostic tests from both the company’s own assay portfolio, as well as those of partnering diagnostic companies.

To learn more about FlowMetric Diagnostics, visit www.FlowmetricDiagnostics.com.

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