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The FlowMetric Family of Companies Unveils Mo-POD™; First-of-Its-Kind Health Technology with Tremendous Global Health Implications

Mo-POD’s Innovative Approach Has the Potential to Rapidly Diagnose Infectious Disease in the Field

June 16, 2015 – The Doylestown, PA based FlowMetric Family of Companies today unveiled the first-of- its-kind Mobile Point-of-Diagnostic Laboratory, or Mo-POD™, at the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. Using the process of flow cytometry in innovative and novel ways, the mobile laboratory could be used to diagnose infectious diseases, identify biological agents and monitor vaccine efficacy anywhere in the world.

“The Mo-POD™ puts the advanced technology of flow cytometry on the front lines of humanitarian crises and public health challenges,” said Renold “Ren” Capocasale, Founder and CEO of FlowMetric. “We’ve not only created an advanced diagnostic platform that can be used in the field, we’re pioneering ways to use the technology to address some of the most challenging and promising healthcare issues we face, which includes tackling infectious disease outbreaks and advancing personalized medicine.”

The Mo-POD™ is a compact, solar-powered, mobile diagnostic laboratory that can operate completely off-the-grid to help counter the spread of disease, such as the recent outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. Traditional diagnostic methods – where samples are sent to remote labs for analysis – often take several days to generate results and follow-up is difficult because there is no way to connect individuals to their medical record. The Mo-POD™ not only drastically reduces the wait time for test results – in many cases to as few as three hours –but it is also equipped with retina and fingerprint scanners to connect individuals to their test results and health records.

“The Mo-POD™ has the potential to redefine how we monitor and treat disease,” said Jonni Moore, a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. “I always say it takes a village to address disease, and with the Mo-POD™ you look at the village in one test by determining the diagnosis, prognosis and response to therapy. For resource limited countries, it means being able to perform new tests that collect comprehensive information in real-time to determine how best to address a specific individual’s condition.”

The Mo-POD™ uses flow cytometry to more accurately and efficiently process individual cell characteristics to go beyond identifying whether an individual is infected. It can determine the status of the disease and how the immune system is responding to treatment. This not only eliminates the need for multiple tests, but it also makes it easier to identify an effective course of treatment.

While the technology powering the Mo-POD™ is proprietary and unique, the lab itself is designed to be easily operated by a relief worker with limited training. The test only requires the lab operator to obtain a few drops of finger-stick blood from a patient. Meanwhile, the clinical data generated using the Mo- POD™ are processed automatically, and the diagnostic outcome is displayed clearly on the computer screen so it is easy to interpret without specialized training. 

FlowMetric, an industry leader in flow cytometry-based contract research organization services, launched its global health affiliate company, FlowMetric Diagnostics, in 2014. Founder and CEO Ren Capocasale has dedicated his life's work to advancing unmet medical needs using flow cytometry and the Mo-POD™ is the company’s first-to-market technology.

About The FlowMetric Family of Companies

The FlowMetric Family of Companies consists of FlowMetric, Inc and two affiliate companies, FlowMetric Europe, s.r.l. and FlowMetric Diagnostics, Inc. FlowMetric, Inc. and FlowMetric Europe, s.r.l., founded in 2010 and 2013, respectively, are niche contract research organizations (CROs), focused on providing polychromatic flow cytometry and cell sorting services to bio-pharma and drug discovery companies. FlowMetric Diagnostics, Inc., founded in 2013, utilizes a flow cytometry-based platform to analyze cell-mediated immune responses. The company’s proprietary assays can be readily adapted for infection screening and immune response evaluation through highly sensitive biomarker analysis. The FlowMetric family of companies is committed to providing independent, unbiased, comprehensive and precise results delivered with uncompromising dedication to quality.

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