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  • Loyal clients ranging from large pharma, biotech, to the hospital setting
  • Ability to measure up to 20 parameters simultaneously
  • Expertise in multiple species & sample types
  • Multi-City site experience, domestic & international
  • Philadelphia Business Journal award for "Best CRO" in 2012

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FlowMetric was established to deliver decision-enabling data on programs that matter the most to you. Partners choose us because of our expertise, our focus, our approach and results we have delivered.

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News from FlowMetric

  • The Three P’s of Ploidy – Understanding Ploidy and Flow Cytometry View Post Summary

    Ploidy is defined as the number of complete chromosome sets in a cell’s nucleus. In animal cells, chromosomes are typically found in pairs and cells are considered diploid. In contrast, plant cells can tolerate higher levels of genome duplication and can exist in various states of polyploidy. Understanding and characterizing ploidy in diverse organisms, from bacteria to mammals, has been greatly facilitated by flow cytometry-based ploidy measurements. Consider these three P’s of ploidy as you decide if ploidy analysis could be a valuable addition to a current or upcoming study.

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  • To Validate or Not Validate... That Is The Assay Validation Question View Post Summary

    Many scientists performing preclinical and clinical research hit a point when they need to have an assay validated. You may have painstakingly developed and perfected a particular assay, but now you must put it through the rigors of validation for it to be considered a “validated assay.” The basic principles of assay validation were described in an earlier blog post, but how do you know you if you need an assay validated? Use these questions as a guide to help you figure out your validation situation and get a little less vexed about validation.

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  • Data Dive - Wrangling Big Data Sets from Flow Cytometry View Post Summary

    Advances in immunology data analysis have taken this field into the realm of “Big Data.” Flow cytometers can now measure dozens of parameters, and complementary techniques like mass cytometry can deliver data that requires sophisticated data analysis methods. Modern data analysis approaches have also revolutionized personalized immunotherapy and improved diagnostics.

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