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FlowMetric Fast Facts

  • Loyal Clients ranging from large pharma, biotech, to the hospital setting
  • Ability to measure up to 20 parameters simultaneously
  • Expertise in multiple species & sample types
  • Multi-City site experience, domestic & international
  • Philadelphia Business Journal award for "Best CRO" in 2012

Why Choose FlowMetric

FlowMetric was established to deliver decision-enabling data on programs that matter the most to you. Partners choose us because of our expertize, our focus, our approach and results we have delivered.

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News from FlowMetric

  • Are Your Cells Feeling Ill? - Using Flow Cytometry to Measure Oxidative Stress View Post Summary

    Measuring oxidative stress has become an essential element in defining features of the immune response, and understanding how cells respond to infection, chronic disease and cancer. Quantifying oxidative stress is also critical to understanding how experimental treatments affect cells, and this information is critical to determining the risks and benefits of a potential new therapy. Oxidative stress can also serve a functional purpose. Phagocytic cells like neutrophils undergo a “respiratory burst” and produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) in order to destroy intracellular pathogens.

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  • Why Stimulate Cells for Flow Cytometry? View Post Summary

    Many flow cytometry users are happy to start an experiment with a general protocol and a question about their specimen -- Will my cells make more cytokines or express more markers after activation? Will my cells respond to a novel immunotherapeutic drug candidate?

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  • The “Black Box” of Assay Validation and Regulatory Issues for Flow Cytometry View Post Summary

    Flow cytometry is an elegant and powerful tool that has been critical to understanding the immune system and advancing the development of immune-based therapies. Critical to many studies, and essential for FDA filings, is the development and documentation of a validated assay. While most flow cytometric assays fall into the “quasi-quantitative” category according to FDA guidelines, there are some assays that can be quantitative and even qualitative.

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