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  • Immunophenotyping Across Species – Looking Beyond Mice and Humans View Post Summary

    The flow cytometry market is filled with an abundance of products for mouse and human samples. But what if your studies use different species? Fortunately, many antibodies for standard cell markers can work on multiple species, and more species-specific reagents are becoming available.

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  • Basophil Activation Tests (BAT) - Customized Assays or Kits View Post Summary

    Basophils are granulocytes known for their roles in immune responses to parasitic infection and IgE-mediated immediate allergic reactions. Basophils are the rarest granulocyte in peripheral blood and share phenotypic and functional features with mast cells but can be differentiated based on phenotypic markers and activation assays. Flow cytometry-based basophil activation assays are widely used for diagnostics, particularly for allergy diagnoses[1].   Basophil activation is mediated primarily by crosslinking of the high affinity IgE receptor (FcεRI), which activates different signaling pathways and leads to degranulation. Activated basophils express unique molecules, including CD63 and CD203c, which can be detected by flow cytometry to assess the level of basophil activation. Many basophil activation assay kits (also known as allergenicity kits) are available, but may limit the scope of your basophil analysis, based on the fluorescent antibodies used to stain activation markers.  Custom assays afford you the flexibility to design a staining panel that works under your desired experimental conditions and flow cytometer parameters.

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  • Considerations For Developing Flow Cytometry Assays In Both GLP & GCP Studies View Post Summary

    Preclinical research aims to identify promising therapeutic candidates and determine if they meet safety and efficacy benchmarks to move into clinical trials. Flow cytometry can be used in both preclinical research and clinical trials but must be in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP) in order to satisfy the regulatory requirements and industry standards for experimental therapies that may at some point be destined for treating patients. Consider these key elements required for a GLP/GCLP-compliant flow cytometry assay as you assess your preclinical and clinical research needs.

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