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  • Loyal Clients ranging from large pharma, biotech, to the hospital setting
  • Ability to measure up to 20 parameters simultaneously
  • Expertise in multiple species & sample types
  • Multi-City site experience, domestic & international
  • Philadelphia Business Journal award for "Best CRO" in 2012

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FlowMetric was established to deliver decision-enabling data on programs that matter the most to you. Partners choose us because of our expertize, our focus, our approach and results we have delivered.

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News from FlowMetric

  • Flow Cytometry in the Era of Big Data and Omics View Post Summary

    Flow cytometry has been a source of abundant, detailed data about cells of the immune system for decades and is critical component of biomedical research as it transitions into a quantitative, data-driven discipline. Flow cytometry and cell sorting work well as upstream tools to phenotype and sort specific cell subsets for an array of downstream applications. These combined analyses are instrumental to defining accurate biomarker signatures of diseases or chronic conditions. Consider flow cytometry data analysis techniques to take your research into the realm of big data.

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  • Preclinical Flow Cytometry - More than Immunophenotyping View Post Summary

    Flow cytometry is a powerful tool for surveying the cellular landscape during preclinical development of drugs and biologics. But flow cytometry can go beyond immunophenotyping to actual functional measurements that can contribute to understanding the true potential of a therapeutic candidate. To make the most of your flow cytometry studies, consider these other assays as you plan the next phase of preclinical development.

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  • Fresh versus Frozen Cells - Considerations for Flow Cytometry View Post Summary

    Flow cytometry assays can only deliver reliable, high quality data if the cells used in the assays are viable and handled properly. Immune cells, including lymphocytes and dendritic cells, can be isolated from whole blood using density gradient centrifugation protocols. These peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) can be used as fresh cells for flow cytometry or can be frozen for later use. Consider the pros and cons of using each type of cell preparation when you are planning your next flow cytometry assay.

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