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FlowMetric was established to deliver decision-enabling data on programs that matter the most to you. Partners choose us because of our expertize, our focus, our approach and results we have delivered.

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  • Over 100 clients ranging from large pharma, biotech, to the hospital setting
  • Ability to measure up to 16 parameters simultaneously
  • Expertise in multiple species & sample types
  • Multi-City site experience, domestic & international
  • Philadelphia Business Journal award for "Best CRO" in 2012

News from FlowMetric

  • Tips to Achieve Optimal Panel Design View Post Summary

    We walked you through the basics of achieving your optimal panel design in the “Know your Flow” series, but you probably have more questions as you refine your panel or stumble upon some of the technical nuances of staining cells.

    Check out these tips for a successful flow cytometry run. 

    1. How Many Cells? Flow cytometry experiments “flow” best when you use a single cell suspension, and the ideal cellular density usually ranges from 1 X 105 to 1 X 106 cells /ml in 100 µl. How do you maintain your cells in a happy single-cell suspension state? You may need to strain cells during sample preparation. You will also typically use a solution of phosphate-buffered saline containing 1% bovine serum albumin or human serum throughout your staining protocol in order maintain cell viability and prevent cell clumping.

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  • The 5 P’s for a Productive Relationship with Your CRO View Post Summary

    You have done the research and selected a CRO that looks like it can meet all your research needs. Now you are about to entrust your precious samples to people you may barely know. How do you safeguard your research and develop a productive relationship with your CRO?

    Ponder these 5 P’s to get the most out of this unique scientific partnership:

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  • Why Outsource Flow Cytometry? View Post Summary

    Make your decision with these 5 questions

    You have just gotten approval to start a big phase 1 clinical trial and 172 precious blood samples are about to come through your door in about two months. What do you do? Do you clone yourself and your outstanding flow cytometry skills? Do you consider skipping sleep for a few weeks? Do you panic? Perhaps, you should consider outsourcing your flow cytometry analysis ... 

    Walk through the who, what, where, when, and why of outsourcing flow cytometry and make the best decision for your next flow cytometry-based project.

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