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Immuno-Oncology Research and Flow Cytometry

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  • Making Meaningful Measurements - Understanding Flow Cytometry-based Receptor Occupancy Assays View Post Summary

    Many therapeutic drugs and biologics under development target the immune system to mediate their effects. These molecules may only be needed at very low concentrations to trigger the desired response, and understanding the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of an experimental biologic or drug is instrumental to determining the appropriate dose range to use for clinical trials.

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  • Making Hybridomas Happen - Tips For Creating and Optimizing Your Selection of Hybridoma Clones View Post Summary

    Hybridoma technology has revolutionized how antibodies are created in the laboratory and has been essential to the development of therapeutic antibodies for treatment of cancer, autoimmune disorders and the development of innovative diagnostics. Hybridomas are cell fusions of splenocytes collected from mice immunized with an antigen of interest and immortalized myeloma cells. A single hybridoma multiplies into cell clones and produces a monoclonal antibody against an epitope of the immunizing antigen, and this secreted antibody can be collected and used for a wide variety of applications. You can make hybridomas in your own laboratory with an appropriate animal protocol in place, or you can work with an experienced contract research organization to help you create and develop a panel of hybridomas for your next project.

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  • What Is Flow Cytometry? View Post Summary

    Flow cytometry is a semi-quantitative technique that allows you to analyze the frequency and other properties of cells stained with specific fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies. Flow cytometry is most frequently used to monitor the immune response due to the fact that the frequency and functionality of different immune cell subsets can be measured concurrently. Flow cytometers are the instrument at the center of this technique and have evolved over the past few decades to become an essential instrument for biomedical research.

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